Brief Description of the building of Dialysis Unit

The Dialysis Unit  is located in a building whose north side faces Vas Street. 61 Konstantinou and the south side at 8. Androutsou Street. Vas. Konstantinou is the main commercial axis of the Koropi area and is connected through Vari-Koropi and Lavriou Avenue with the Southern Suburbs of Attica and the rest of the Mesogeia district area and through Attica   Road with Athens and the rest of Attica area…

Dialysis machines

With a smart, high-standard machine, with a practical operating system but at the same time reliable with versatile uses and applications, it is possible to perform classic dialysis and all its variants (hemofiltration, isolated ultrafiltration, hemodialysis, on-line hemodialysis).



The use of ascorbic acid-enriched dialysis solution has been tested in the international literature since 2005. It is a safe way to maintain stable levels of ascorbic acid in dialysis patients without the ups and downs caused by intravenous administration.

centre dialysis
in Eastern Attica 

  • Easy access

  • Basement PARKING 13 places

  • Perfect operation of the unit with minimization of routes and the excellent relationship between its individual spaces.

  • The creation of a pleasant and friendly environment for the comfortable long stay of patients and attendants.

  • The clear demarcation of the treatment areas from the rest of the unit and the ensuring as much as possible a sense of privacy to patients.

  • Landscaping of the premises in such a way as to ensure the partitioning of the works and to ensure, where desired, isolation to limit the spread of infections.